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Mopeds Xtreme Scooter Cabo Cruiser Elite Electric 3-bike

Reason for Purchasing the Mopeds Xtreme Scooter

Having always wanting to learn to ride a motorcycle is perhaps the chief reason that I purchased the Xtreme ebike. It is somewhat small but having grown up watching my older brothers and uncles ride motorcycles I have always had this internal urge. I plan to take up
a motorcycle class within the next few months so that I may gain my license. The Xtreme ebike, I feel is an excellent first bike for me.

The Mopeds Xtreme Scooter training plan

My wife and I live rather close to a school and we are hoping to use the parking lot on the weekend to test the Xtreme ebike before attending the actual motorcycle course. Being of advance age now it may be more of a challenge but I am somewhat determined after all of these years of consideration to go through this phrase of my life and gain the motorcycle license.

Some of the bikes characteristics:

The Xtreme Cabo Cruiser currently comes with a 90 day parts warranty, 6 months battery warranty. The ebike has a powerful 600 Watt Motor
that is good for gliding along roads with little pedaling effort if needed. Being a rather large person I am happy that the Xtreme ebike also supports a body weight up to 300 pounds, while maintaining a lightweight frame. Finally the bike can ride up to 35 miles and reach a speed of 20 miles per hour on a single charge.

Final Thoughts

Although the Mopeds Xtreme Scooter currently sits in our garage we are looking forward cutting the container box.

Looking forward to some safe riding on our new Xtreme Cabo ebike we feel the motorcycle course will be

a great way to learn the ways of the motorcycles road.

We will be testing the bike soon and hopeful to provide a pleasant update