Sugar Free Syrups for Coffee Flavoring

Torani Sugar Free Syrups Variety Pack, 25.4 Ounce (Pack of 6)


About the Sugar Free Syrups

Sugar Free Syrup helps me by when I’m doing my nightly job working the late shift at the post office I have to have some great tasting coffee. The various syrups helps because they are always Sweet and delicious.

The various Sugar Free Syrups flavors

Vanilla, Caramel, Raspberry, Hazelnut, Irish Crème and Chocolate are
some of the variety of flavors that are available for this product.

Other uses for the Sugar Free Syrups

Sugar free syrup are also great as a dessert toppings and as well as
perfect for use in your favorite beverages. I primarily enjoy the flavors in my coffees but the syrups also come in handy for pancake and French toast topping. The flavorings are authentic coffeehouse flavor and are also made in the USA.

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